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Jenni Simonis

I've actually discussed this with my husband recently. I too was worried that now the Rose Garden has new owners that it might end up being renamed.

My home town is a small rural town in the Houston area, so I've seen the stadiums & arenas there undergo many name changes. The one that made people the most mad was the renaming of the Astrodome.

There the naming of things has gotten so out of hand that not only is the basketball arena named the "Toyota Center," but the adjacent parking structure is the "Toyota Tundra Garage." I could not believe it when I visited home earlier this year and saw the parking garage (you can see it from the freeway).


I actually heard an arena name on the news a couple days ago and about died laughing. I looked over and said to my partner, at least we have the Rose Garden and they haven't named it something silly.

Anyway, I think it would be okay to have a tactful name like the Adidas Rose Quarter (insert Nike, Columbia Sportwear, or any other respectable local company name if Adidas doesn't fit for you) as long as the profits from selling the name go into improving the arena into a more world class venue; or into a re-improvement bank for the Memorial Coliseum.

At least we aren't the Cleveland Cavaliers playing in the Quicken Loans Arena!

Chris Brown

As a small act of resistance, I continue to call Civic Stadium by it's original name, rather than acknowledging its sponsorship by former Enron subsidary PGE.


How about Piggie Park? Who's to say we can't come up with our own more appropriate names for these places?


theres SBC Center which is an arena in San Antonio not to be confused with SBC Park the ballpark in San Francisco

FedEx Forum an arena in Memphis and FedEx Field stadium in Washington DC

anyhow as much as i dislike these corporate named stadiums i wouldnt really mind in Portland since we are lucky enough to have one of the few privately owned arenas


maybe Sweatshop Park for Nike and the other apparel companies? I'm sure Phil at least would go for that, being the respectable guy he is.


oh one more to add that even worse...
American Airlines Arena in Miami
American Airlines Center in Dallas
Both are active NBA arenas


I've never been inside the Rose Garden, so I wonder, what are the sight lines like in the Rose Garden? Is everywhere you look an advertisement? I know that this is true for GM Place here in Vancouver, B.C., which is generally regarded as a hockey arena--and, for a time, basketball--with the same " lowest-common-denominator entertainment acts". So it's nice to think that the naming of an arena is the most important part, but regardless of that, what about the thousands of people in the audience and the hundreds of thousands of people watching on TV who are shown commercials for a full 2 1/2 hour stretch of time?


I've never felt bombarded with advertisements at the Rose Garden. I haven't been to a Blazer game this year since Global Spectrum started running the show, but in the past I actually thought the advertising was rather lean.

I was wondering if they were selling the name when the Blazers started arguing that they didn't want the arena name on the court anymore. I am pleasantly suprised that months later it's still the Rose Garden.

Jane Jarrett

I wonder if all the bad press that PGE Park has garnered hasn't cast a shadow over corporate consideration of the Rose Garden. I realize, the private/public ownership makes some difference there, but we can hope.

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