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Mike Conroy

I remember reading that there was actually a condo planned that would be aimed at asian seniors with an asian community center. I wish that I can recall the article and if it is still in the works. China town/old town is a great area for people (especially seniors) to live, great food, culture and no need to drive. 82nd avenue is a pedestrian nightmare. If only there could be some sort of tax incentives for businesses to stay or improve while the district is rejuvinated. it is a great attraction in Portland for tourists and citizens alike. the city should invest in it's treasures.

Kai Jones

I often walk into Chinatown on my lunch hour (I'm an office worker in Big Pink)--there's a good hamburger joint, a branch of Three Lions Bakery, and a gelato place that I like. I've never felt threatened or unsafe.

mike thelin

Ironic that as we improve Chinatown, we displace all of the Chinese. Chinatown?

Dennis H. Coalwell

Unfortunately, I think it has been the residents and business's of the district who have chosen to relocate to 82nd. Hopefully, when they see the turn around some will relocate back to the district...

While the 2 U.S. Senators from Oregon are in the far east they should promote the area for all kinds of development. The classical garden should be a huge pull. I understand Hong Kong is developing and area similiar to South Waterfront to attract web/internet companies/development as well as residential. Maybe the city of Portland should offer tax breaks and incentives for the Chinatown district to bring that Far East business to Oregon. Obviously doing what they are in Hong Kong they aren't necessarily looking for gobs of land to build upon....this concept would be ideal for that part of Portland...AND bring some of their architecture that is happening in the Far East.

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