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Hello !
Your blog is very interesting and i'll keep on watching it.
If you're interested in 3D for architecture you might have a look at mine !
it's in french, but you can easely translate it !

you can also visit http://www.edifik.fr


I'm afraid that with the condo craze the building would just be converted over in today's market. It would probably be good to get full time residents into that portion of the city, but I would hate it to be at the expense of the courthouse.


A few years ago, the Portland Center for the Performing Arts took a look at expanding into the Solomon Courthouse -- both for more performance space and for rehearsal space. Nothing ever came of it.

Dennis Coalwell

I understand that the County Courthouse still needs upgrading or replaced. Can't the Federal Courthouse be revisited now that there is a change in City/Federal/County leadership?


Our Multnomah County Courthouse is sorry and barely habitable. When I think of all the psychological reasoning that went into the Hatfield US Courthouse and compare it to MCC. . .We should build a new one!

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