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Well, I guess the question really comes down to:

what is the purpose of the PDC when investing in projects?

possible answers:
-provide low-income housing
-provide office space in a rundown area
-bring developer confidence to an area by setting a precedent
-reconstruct an entire district of the city

How realistic is it to expect the PDC by itself to achieve some of these goals? All of them?
Or is the reality having the PDC, the untamed gorilla, getting developers and investors involved in the city reason enough to justify its actions by 'stirring things up a bit?'

Eric Berg

I read the op-ed yesterday and this stood out:

"Their [PDC staff] only value to taxpayers is their ability to invest public funds in such a way that the property tax base of the city is increased."

Not the use of the word 'only'. Apparently, Russell and Walsh have never read what he the PDC says it's about:

"The Portland Development Commission’s Vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the creation of a world-class 21st Century city; a city in which economic prosperity, quality housing and employment opportunities are available to all.

Our Mission is to bring together resources to achieve Portland's vision of a diverse, sustainable community with healthy neighborhoods, a vibrant urban core, a strong regional economy and quality jobs for all citizens."

Eric Berg

I meant "Note the use of the word 'only'."

Ray Whitford

I see results (Burnside Bridgehead, OCC HQ Hotel, Central Eastside Industrial District, MLK) as being wanting. Lack of speed and vision and the PDC seems to be the local filter that gets only certain developers always having the "inside track".

I don't know the answer to this because the vision statement is fine but the execution is what the region needs from the most important development/re-development organization.

Does the PDC ever look at other cities development commissions and work for Best Practices and Continuous Improvement? Do they have internal audits and external observations? Where is the documentation? This government organization needs alot of light shown on it.

Ray Whitford

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