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Bob R.

Brian -

Is there somewhere besides the Living Smart web site to see full-size views of these plans? Even the slightly larger versions on the Living Smart site are difficult to read...

Or are they trying to protect the intellectual property of the architects?

I think it would be beneficial to view the floor plans close up, if the architects were willing to consent to that kind of wide dissemination...

- Bob R.


Good question. Let me check on that. I know Bryan Higgins has said he has lots of photos, so we can probably post some more of those. I'd also like to look into posting images of some of the others.

Kai Jones

That's just what I clicked into the comments for--a source for a larger version. Good luck getting those--I'll check back for them.


Last time I was at the building department, they had a free booklet with many of the entries. It was very legible although still small in size. There were also copies on the 4th floor next to reception.

Deborah H.

I'd also like to see the designs from the livingsmartpdx site made interactive with a zoom-in function. The modernist v traditionalist tension's interesting. I find myself leaning towards neighborhood context-appropriateness. Also hoping to see zoning exclusions proceed more expeditiously.

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