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kudos to Homer Williams. It was his idea to cover the catenary poles with a work of art.


The first time I came across these - what a delight! This project should be studied to understand how it so successfully came into being. As you noted, public art is so rarely engaging, or even interesting.

(Wegman's in the park blocks - ish.)


As these first arrived eyes rolled, ah the plastic! Ah the misappropriation! Ah the foolery!

They are dumb. But, why do we have to be smart all the time?

Look at the kids, shrieking with delight in the Jamison Fountain, hoards of them piling out of SUVs, grinning, squealing, falling down, grandparents clicking digis, nice grass, nice chairs, sunshine, limited traffic, streetcar rumble, splash. Then the four totems, cockeyed cartoon obelisks, peering down, growling. Yikes!

The kids love 'em. And that's the final word.

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