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. . . looks like a solid interlocking design. . . a splendid new element to a section of town sorely in need of a project like this. . .hope the materials are glass and 'brick' to integrate with its neighbors.


Has anyone seen a rendering or drawings of the medical/parking building at the Gateway park and ride site? I thought I heard that it wasn't going to be a building to write home to mother about.

I also seem to remember something about having the ability to add condos/apartments above but maybe that was another parking structure in the funnel.



I would also hope that the PDC look into having some money spent on a 3D model and/or renderings of a vision for the Gateway/I205 area at built out. The South Waterfront planning process includes this and creates a better understanding and gives every one the same vision.

The Gateway district is considered a main piece in Metro 2040 so I would think the city and Metro would want to have a buzz going. Maybe it's a eastside/westside issue and the big money is spent west of the river.


Justin Wells

I have a feeling that the Gateway development plan is one of those 'trust the developers' with the vision sort of thing.

It could be argued by some - and some of the stuff I've read in the paper recently would only reinforce this notion - that anything built there would be better than the parking lot that currently exists.

I find this attitude pretty sad and unhelpful towards getting these kinds of good projects built (whatever a 'regional center' is), but good design is certainly one of its' necessary components. I'd say the Gateway project needs a solid vision before anyone could start making models.

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