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Bob R.

"...and a little closer to MLK Boulevard there is a cluster of small shops and eateries in those unique buildings that actually stretch over the sidewalk with a colonnade. (Why isn't this kind of pedestrian/architectural relationship considered in other parts of town?)"

If you look very closely at those colonnades, you will see that the original buildings, when constructed, had main floors that extended all the way to the outer columns.

It was only when Burnside was widened into a major artierial at some point in the past, when these buildings had to be modified, moving their main floors in from the columns to allow sidewalks to exist at all on Burnside.

I wonder if, when the Burnside/Couch couplet project goes forward and the sidewalks are widened, if any of these buildings will be allowed to reclaim their original right-of-way and reconstruct their original, now-destroyed, facades.

- Bob R.

Eric Hagstette

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