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Jack Bog

For a more realistic view:



Bog do you hate Portland? You offer nothing but negativity over a city many love. Is something wrong? Did our fair city pass you by? Why so bitter? Can't you just enjoy the positive PR? This is a great achievement can't you just be proud of the city for once.


Read the above link, the person misses the point of the coyote in the MAX train. It's early in the morning, not five months after the line was opened. If this individual would have known about this part of how the trains are prepared to go each morning (doors are left open), the statement wouldn't have been made.

Now, we need a new slogan, "The City That Lives".

Man, are we on the right bus or what?

Jack Bog

Portland is beautiful, but it's been going steeply downhill, thanks in part to your proud sponsor, the AIA, for about a decade now. A few good things have happened, but they have been despite the efforts of the self-proclaimed experts and the absurd cadre of city planners.

Actually, I'd let it all pass if our state and local taxes -- highest west of the Mississippi -- weren't paying for most of it.

Long live the great Portland parks and its traditional neighborhoods. As for the new stuff, straight out of Soviet Romania, you can have it.


"As for the new stuff, straight out of Soviet Romania, you can have it."

what do you mean?

Rich Page

It turns out that Portland's CO2 report was false. The NYT
may now have to retract this article. Check out this press release for details:

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