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Ray Whitford

Walker Templetons project intrigues me because of my push for moving our Train Station to the east bank also. I have thought that using the Memorial Coliseum should be the site but I have a new favorite location. Using a 20 to 30 year plan of moving the Eastbank Freeway over to the 8th-10th alignment and then sending the freeway underneath the Lloyd district until just North of Broadway (the alignment is perfect). Then the I-84/I5 Interchange becomes a high speed rail and bus station hub. You get direct access to the freeways for the buses and the trains get in and out of PDX without two bridge crossing. The location is close to the Rose Quarter and right next to the OCC. Place the bus station in between MLK and Grand to set up the movement from street level down to the two train platforms closer to the river. The dock for the river taxis is already built and waiting!


This plan also opens up the land where I-5 bisects the Rose Quarter from the Lloyd District.

Ray Whitford

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