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The NW Examiner has a picture of the Casey in this months issue. It looks a lot like the Henry, basically a box.

Mike Thelin

I agree that we need more variety. It's sad to me that some of our best designers are doing their most noteworthy work outside of Portland. We could use the inspiration and notoriety locally.


The thing is it not like Portland firms are doing bad work here, its more they tend to stick to a certain style that works well within the city. The Casey will be a fine addition a fit right in, but once in a while it would be nice for some architects to push the bounds a little without trashing the fit in part.

Sherman McCoy

The Pearl is rapidly becoming an urban ghetto reminiscent of LeFrak city in NY. I've lived here 9 years, and am moving out. They should rename the Pearl "PoodleTown", because you have to own one to fit in. It's a crowded, kid unfriendly, ostentatious caricature of what an urban neighborhood should be.

Katie Zemtseff


Katie Zemtseff


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