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LEED seems to rapidly be going the way of a program with good intentions, but poor, even harmful, execution.

Although I have been a frontline Greenpeace member for 6 years, I am not yet a LEED-accredited professional. I'm not convinced that having a LEED appellation makes you dedicated to sustainable design.

Everyday I witness LEED AP individuals designing buildings and specifying materials which are not energy or resource-efficient/conscious. Their rationale is that since it is not a LEED project, the clients can't afford sustainable design.

As design professionals, we should be leading by example and design spaces and/or specify materials in accordance with sustainable practices unless specifically directed otherwise.


Do you have a citation for the quote(s) from Randy & Auden? Please post if you do.

Brian Libby

Sure, here is a link to the PDF:


Randy Rapaport

I would much rather spend money on sustainable building practices such as the planned solar panel array, on the roof of my next project, than on a LEED sticker.

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