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Mike Thelin

A friend pointed out that the curved roof resembles Cap'n Crunch's hat.


I really like this building at street level (minus the aggressive pan handlers) The thing that blows me away is its price. I read that it only cost 8 million to build. Sera should really be commended for turning a corner or two on this one. It really gives the are a nice feel and look.

offical comment

I don't find it totally offensive but I don't really see the point of the thing either. I suppose it could be a bit more elegant.


I like it. I just wonder whether I'll still like it in 10 years. Will its novelty wear off quickly? I don't know.

And I kind of agree with Gragg on this one, Portland could really use a few less square buildings.


I like SERA's buildings, in general. But to me, this one looks ungainly and disposable, like a brownie with a giant pile of Philip Johnson whipped cream on top. However, I was completely unaware of the building's techincal/green/budgetary accomplishments so I really should cut it some slack. But still.


This building is an example of architecture that tries too hard to be interesting and lacks the confidence in simple elegant moves, opting instead for bold gestures that are ultimately awkward and gratuitous. The ground floor colonade offers a suggestion of a solution for the problem of West Burnsides narrow sidewalks (see E. Burnsides porticos) but ruins the effect by taking the space given and using it for an undulating wall. The fin at the corner destroys the sense of the building addressing the corner by its overscaled and agressive stance. But worst of all is the roof, which viewed from the north or east is absolutely ridiculous. This swoop serves no purpose and therefore can only be judged on its aesthetic effect. I feel that it is an ugly and truely destructive line on the skyline. Seen from the Burnside bridge (it is on axis with the bridge, it presents a foriegn and unattractive profile. Seen from the North Park Lofts, it literally destroys what was once Portlands best side...
This building reinforces the idea that less is more.


I really like this building. Yes, the roof line is a bit goofy, but this part of town needs a greater sense of whimsy.

Another great element of this building is how it lights up this gritty section of Burnside after dark. The lighting designers have really done an exceptional job of bringing light and warmth to the surrounding streetscape.

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