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Back in the early 90's (can't remember the year exactly), I sent in a LTE at the O that was printed on Christmas Day on the Gateway District being the media center for our bid for a Winter Olympics with light rail pushed out to a village without cars east of Sandy. After the Olympics the apartment/condos would sold/rented. The media center was envisioned pyramid style (20 plus stories) to mirror Mt Hood and would be our movie and TV production magnet since it would have many sound stages. But, it isn't to be our architectural icon as I had hoped.

I'm happy that Tim Herbert is doing what he is doing with a focus on LEEDs. All the work (102nd improvements, 92nd improvement at Lents, Metro focus on Gateway) should create a great asset for East Portland. It could, as envisioned by Metro and east-siders, be the best location for development until the 2040 Plan needs an update. In the last ten years, there have been some nice homes placed on Rocky Butte, Mt. Scott, and the Gresham Buttes. So, those who say the executive types haven't noticed or purchased homes in East Portland and East County need to look again.

Plus all the Vancouverites who flock to our retail joints and resturants in East Portland.


PS Look into the Springwater planning and zoning process for an article. I made suggestions and at least one (rooftop garden views of Mt Hood with eco-roof zoning perks) might very well make it into the codes(Whitford Roof Code #?), per Terry Vanderkooy. Terry also said the students from PSU included the eco-roof perks/requirements into the industrial zoning which was an ingenious suggestion (I only thought of the town center area) because looking across US 26 you will see green roofs instead of the whites, greys, and silvers in standard flex-space contruction. I bet he would love it if the City got more print.

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