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Mike Thelin

It would take some serious money to jump start this project, but I hope something happens. I don't think the same type of retail would work well there as the Brewery Blocks. The spot is a bit isolated and Front just isn't as important or as affluent an arterial to warrant Whole Foods or Diesel.

It would be an incredible site for condos, however, maybe some flex office. It's cool enough of a property that a destination restaurant would well too. There's really nothing else like it anywhere in Portland


Its a pretty good location for condos being that its in the Pearl and on the waterfront plus its a historic building. I would think it could be rehabbed (at least part of it) as luxury condos/lofts and at high prices per unit too in order to justify the high cost of renovation. Perhaps the maritime museum could be on the first floor and have the tug boat tied up outside.

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