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Mike Thelin

This is turning into a clusterf**k.

Dennis L

I think I would be pkay with it, but I want to see more details. I have nothing against Opus, I just feel the PDC was going against what the people of Portland wanted.

Mike Thelin

My problem isn't with the decision. I don't believe the Opus proposal--minus the Lowe's--was at all bad. In fact, the design of the towers were superior--in my opinion--to Beam's proposal. We have enough Ankrom buildings in Portland already.
My problem lies in the way in which the PDC delayed and postponed the competetition, and in end, went against the will of the public regardless. Meanwhile, Mr Malsin and company end up forking out thousands of dollars for nothing. And now, the appeal... I just wish this would go away. The damage is done, and the likelihood of two developers willingly working together on this seems outlandish. Too many cooks... This will be the first of many projects in the Central Eastside, but there wont be any additional projects at all until the Bridgehead gets going. Can't we just get on with the show?


Slim to none.

I think the City Council should just let Opus build the project.

PDC's decision was sketchy and it's bringing a lot of needed attention to PDC and its decision making process. But at the end of the day, its PDC's decision to make and they chose Opus.

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