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It isn't a total loss. There won't be a shiny new building coming out of it but the Beam dream will likely live on in the B&O building, a recent acquisition that can soak up (in improvements) some of that sidelined capital.


I'm disappointed more with the obvious back room deal between Hennesse and Opus and the window dressing he forced the PDC and the public to perform. Its insulting. I question PDC survival after this choice. With that said, I still think this could be a good project. The Opus architecture at this point, beyond the names of the architects, was actually pretty good. The connections to the Burnside bridge was the best of the bunch. I have high hopes this turns out to be a good project.


Does anyone know the fate of the Burnside Skateboard Park with respect to the approved Opus plan? I sincerely hope that it is respected. It is an incredible piece of guerilla architecture.

The One True b!X

To keep up with matters relating to the skatepark and the Bridgehead, you should be reading the Burnside Skatepark weblog.


Mike Thelin

Is the PDC still relevant? What do people think?

Brian Libby

I think PDC is still very relevant. It's just that they've done some things recently that many of us are not happy about. First there was the City Club report and now this. But there are still some great people there. We have to remember that the people who made the Bridgehead decision are different from the rank-and-file workers at PDC, who really care about uplifting the city with smart strategic investment. Besides high-profile stuff like the Bridgehead, people in places like Lents and St. Johns have really benefitted from PDC. I don't want to sour on the agency overall. I just think their selection committee took the boring, safe route with the Bridgehead.

Dennis L

the PDC is run by morons, every last one of them. Turning down Beam is the same as turning their back on Portland. The PDC shows no care for its own city. Portland is a city of risks, hell we tore out a damn freeway for a park downntown. We turned an ugly warehouse district into the hottest market in Portland.

My question to PDC, how long before Opus's financial plan starts to fall apart and they start to beg to let Lowe's or Home Depot to move in to cover their losses? Beam would of giving Portland's new businesses their Empire State Building. It would of been the icon of start up companies in Portland. This is how you get more fortune 500 companies, you don't lure them, you create them.

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