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Mike Thelin

My life is incomplete without Gotham Building Coffee Shop's fried egg sandwiches. Is it too much to ask--an egg sandwich on a bar menu?


Didn't this morning's Oregonian article say the fried egg sandwiches will remain on the new menu? And why did they close down the coffee shop in the first place? It was always packed when I went in there.


I too miss the Gotham Coffee Shop as it had the most delicious granola, however I had a pretty convincing cheese souffle at the Gotham Tavern the other night and the seared tuna was prepared to perfection. I think the new incarnation may be a worthy replacement.

Mike Thelin

They didn't seem too busy after they closed on weekends. I imagine their rent isn't too cheap in that building and a coffee shop isn't exactly a cash cow. A late-night spot makes a lot more sense at that location. The new tavern is very nice--stylish enough to be a destination, and I'm sure it benefits greatly having Mint and 820 within walking distance--and several good watering holes up the hill on Mississippi.


Any pix yet of Gotham Bldg. Tavern?


The Gotham Tavern still does the fried egg sandwich. They continued breakfast and lunch offerings that the old Gotham Building Coffee Shop served starting April 12th.

michael hebberoy

love hearing the great comments. thank you. just wanted to clarify a couple of things. the fried egg sandwich is definitely back and available for breakfast or lunch (tuesday - friday) and we will soon be adding a weekend brunch. And there was a little error in the main article, I actually designed the space. Mr. Harrison definitely made the biggest contribution with his three massive sculptures but I am sure he would also want the record straight. Thx a mil. Michael Hebberoy.

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