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Dennis L

I am proud of this news. The Goodman's properties could easily change the future look of Portland. Hell I am just excited about all the possiblities that could now happen over by Skidmore fountain. That should be a diamond for the city.

Daniel Montar

Doug left his wallet at PH Reed the furniture store on 11th & NW Glisan I called my brother Tomas to see if he had a current number for Doug since we have done work for Doug at his house on Corbett hill years ago, he said that Doug had sold the house and had no current info. To make a long story short. Please call My wife Kathleen Montar at 503-516-9104 and she can provide you the details as well as return the wallet, I hope this info . gets to you soon before Doug panics. Googling was the only way to convey this infomation fast since the voice mail number in the cards within the wallet was full.
Sincerely Daniel (Griessmann) Montar (503)516-9100

Brian Libby

Who's Doug?

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