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I think this project is weak and should not receive approval. It is heavy, wide bodied, and too close to the river. The floor plan is bizzare with long deep units and the floating building just seems stupid...there is a real body of water just feet away...why build a pond on top of a parking garage and float condos in it?


This looks like it belongs in the suburbs as an office park

Mike Thelin

The water feature is interesting, the building will work well with the river, and the design is different than anything else in the city. It will be a signature development as the area around it continues to develop. Am I the only one in Portland who likes this project?


It looks like a timeshare from the Florida coastline. I do like that it's not a clone of the other Pearl condos, but it needs work. For one thing, the residents are not within walking distance of anything, especially if they live on the center "islands."


It looks alot like some of the other glass condos that dominate the Vancouver, BC area. Many have water features, and in my opinion will stick out located in the pearl.

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