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Justin Stranzl

Hi Brian,

Thanks for mentioning my article. The other seven firms were:

Ankrom Moisan
Group Mackenzie
MCA Architects
Opsis Architecture
Robertson, Merryman, Barnes
SRG Partnership
Yost Grube Hall

All Portland firms; all pretty talented. Sorry this wasn't included in the article.

maryam e.m

Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Maryam,I am an architecture student in Iran, I have to design a petorl & CNG staion,fire station ,carwash & SHOOTINGGALLERY during this semester as an assignment,Unfortunately i coun't find any sample, standards or photo, so your are kindly requested to help me in this case , if u can send any data or intoduce any refrences to me.best regards and thanks .

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