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The One True b!X

So why in the world is the architecture so often playing second fiddle in this debate?

because this stage of the project isn't about the architecture, it's about developer capacity and conceptual approach. Design only comes after the developer is selected.


But the developers have already made their selection of architects, who have in turn produced at least preliminary designs for the project. If you choose Gerding-Edlen, you're choosing GBD Architects too, or Mulvanny G2 for Opus, or Colab and Ankram Moisam for Beam. I think the architecture still ought to be a major criterion even if the decision is officially about the developer.

The One True b!X

But there was no architecture to consider, only conceptual and cultural direction.


At the PDC meeting last week that discussed the Bridgehead development, the presenters of the handy rotating model acknowledged that as designed, the (rather blocky) project would not fit within the site. Regardless, these new buildings will be out of place in the currently parking-lot filled site near the bridge, a skatepark and thoroughly traveled streets like MLK and Burnside. The Beam Corporation (the only considered developer to propse local retail in the mixed use buildings), rather than building essentially an extension of the west-side (seemingly almost inspired by the Pearl), as was proposed by the original west-east straddling plan, should build instead a combined retail-housing-affordable housing-office space development that spans more blocks (for such high density cannot be supported by current infrastructure or demand--who wants a boardwalk so close to the freeways and Burnside?? ) with the OPTION to desify as the Metro area grows in the next few decades. Better yet, keep some flavor of the eastside in the project and keep Portland diverse.

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