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I thought there was going to eventually be a connector between 205 and 26 running around Damascus and Boring -- basically an extension of the "Sunrise Corridor" now being planned from 205 to the Rock Creek Jct.

Do we really need 2 connectors from 205/84 to 26? One will do...and when the Sunrise Corridor is fully built, it will mean stoplight free travel from Portland to the Cascades. Yeehaw!

Big Boomer

I have been going to the Springwater meeting and to one of the Damascus/Boring meetings. But if these new communities are suppose to be the next major industrial land assets for the metro region. This is to help with everyone traveling east to west for the job in Hillsboro, Wilsonville, and Beaverton (me included).

My comments in the meetings have been that without a limited access highway to kept all the freight and through traffic away from the surface streets, the effort spent on the Springwater area will not bear enough fruit to justify the vision. If you wanted to spent $10 billion on a state of the art nanotechnology fab (Intel or AMD come to mind), would you want your asset stuck in the traffic that is predict 20 years from now?

And the 100,000 new residents of Damascus/Boring will not wish to go North at all with all the traffic 20 years from now.
But even if they go west then north on I-205 they face major back ups because 205 is at capacity now.

What needs to be planned for and slowly built up now is a plan, both short term and long term. Gresham right now has four plans for helping and their studies speak to the fact that more traffic in the future will be moving N/S instead of E/W. Six lanes of extra capacity running N/S are being required per the traffic engineers.

There is talk of using more than one of the ideas (High capacity transit alone Hogan and 242 from Hwy 212 to Stark then to 257 north to the planned business/college area north of the Troutdale Airport. Plus one of the surface street options. But these plans are really short term. Remember the six lane requirement prediction. None of the plans really add alot of capacity. It's the cost of widening the three main N/S corridors. I have said in a city hall dicussion that they need to plan for a true expressway and do some of the short term plans. If they (Gresham) follow this suggestion, I added one point. PLAN AHEAD. Do not do 242nd as the main N/S corridor and then 5-10 years later say we need to tear it out and put in a true expressway in the same corridor.

I believe east county, Gresham, and the state are doing it backwards.

Decide where the expressway WILL go in the future. Then upgrade all the other corridors now.

The last Gresham planning session I attended because the n/s corridor options were being talked about were very informative. One option to upgrade 182st/181st/190th/172nd to 7 lanes between I-84 and Powell and 5 lanes from Powell to Hwy 212 wouldn't help at all.

My suggestion has been to place the 257th corridor at the top of list for the bypass/expressway/highway (a toll road with only three interchanges has been my thought) because it bypasses Gresham to the east and runs directly west of MHCC. It can also work well with the planned developments north of Troutdale. Troutdale, I believe will not support this alignment, but I still think the state and county know that it is the best corridor for the expressway. One of the interchanges would be at Stark St. This expressway will be expensive (built like I-405 along most of the route to keep land purchase down and it's just built out already).

It's expensive because we have not planned for it's location and gotten funds for land purchases. One major issue is priority, east county isn't a priorty to the county or the state (political clout). Other counties and cities seem to get more planning and response. I heard at the planning council meeting that the state does see that they have an issue in East County.

This would be my plan:

Short term is the next 5-10 years for two of the four options (Option one (transit) and two (242nd)) seemed to be the way the traffic engineer for Gresham was leaning. This is why Gresham is so worried about the county sale near I-84. It takes away one of their best options (#2), 242nd.

Long term is the next 20-30 years and no one has the political will be put a marker down (name the preferred corridor for the expressway (257th!) and start the land purchases). Back in the early 1990's (?) the Gresham voters said "No Expressway without a vote". What this means for East County is no new high tech industries/no new jobs. LSI Logic and Microchip are North of the city close to I-84 but Springwater is Southeast of Gresham on US 26).

There will be major investments in highways for Damascus/Boring but that just dumps all the North bound traffic onto 205 which isn't good now and the state sees this.

During last fall, I suggested that the investment Portland and Oregon have put into MAX should mean that planning for an extension from the Cleveland Station into the North boundary of Springwater at US26 would be wise also.


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