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PDX Pedestrian

Agreed. Waiting for the light when there is no cross traffic it pointless adherence to a rule for the sake of the rule. More importantly, it is economically inefficient (not that a government would understand economic efficiency, but I digress) and just wastes everybody's time. If you want to hand out tickets, do it to the people who aren't exhibiting common sense or are endangering others. It doesn't matter if they are drivers, bicyclists, or pedestrians. If they aren't showing common sense, courtesy, or safe behavior, then hammer 'em. Otherwise, let things be.


Here, here. Unenforced jay walking laws are a sign of civilization... their enforcement a sign of decay.

In LA they enforce jaywalking... in New York they do not ... which city do you admire?

For pedestrians traffic signals are a word to the wise... they should not be the law.


To be clear: are we talking about jaywalking--which is crossing at any old damned place that's not a corner--or crossing against a light at a designated crosswalk? Those are two very different things, and as far as I know, the latter isn't illegal. And the former is bloody dangerous downtown. I ride the mall on Trimet every day, and sometimes I wish those drivers had a license to squish the idiots that just meander out in front of them.


I have a solution. Lets take the next step in city evolution and make the downtown carfree. Maybe 20 years before the US is ready to follow the European model of carfree city centers, but that never stopped Portland from before.


Why not change the law? Stopping at a red light, looking both ways, and crossing when the road is clear has worked well for me since I was old enough to do so. Personally I feel less safe when I have to wait for the light because then I'm competing for roadway that will have turning cars that may or may not slow down for me as I cross the street, especially when I'm at a street corner.

I was pulled over the other day for doing the same on a bike and the reason (and warning) that the officer gave me was that remaining stopped kept the relationship between car and rider amicable. Right. That must be why everyone in New York uses their car horn so much.

If we want to endorse alternative means to motor vehicles there should be an advantage for doing so.

J. Welsh

Considering that in 2004, 550 people were injured and 45 killed in pedestrian related accidents... I think that people should just not jaywalk, and then they do not have to worry about the 94.00 ticket. Is the extra 45 seconds worth 94.00, or your life? Yes it is not technically illegal, and yes, you have the right of way, but when a car hits you at 35mph the right of way doesnt matter because you are seriously injured, or dead. Dont want a jaywalking ticket, then dont jaywalk. Simple.

John Sobotka

The crime of jaywalking usually means that a pedestrian crosses the street incorrectly and IMPEADS THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC. The police have a quota and pass out tickets indiscriminately and even falsely.
I was just given a ticket when I walked across the street to the bas mall with a group of people- we crossed the street legally. I was evidentally selected and given a ticket by a stammering emotional cop who drove his motorcycle up on the sidewalk to confront me.. I demanded to know why I was being giving a bogus ticket for crossing the street legally, so he threatened me with both “insulting a police officer” and arresting me in handcuffs for “disturbing the peace”. I did not insult the officer, call him a name, raise my voice, or use threatening body language. It seemed that false charges were always an option, so and that respecting an officer doesn’t mean behaving like an intelligent adult, but instead cowing to someone who can on a whim hand out false charges. Many people feel that the police only hand out tickets if you deserve one and refuse to believe otherwise- the one word description I can come up with is BOOTLICKERS- like the guy who late wrote the idiotic comment: Don’t Jaywalk- the main incentive for not jaywalking is to avoid being hit by a car, which is punishment enough in itself. The intent of this law is to use common sense; however it’s a great tool for hassling the public or anyone a cop feels like.
As it is anyone can be given a ticket just for being downtown and when you go to court your word means nothing against a cop.
I’m looking into working with public police watching groups to start a database for inappropriate actions and false charges. For starters the cop who gave me the jaywalking ticket and threatens me was Officer Mike Clary and I will make sure that anytime the terms: jaywalking & Portland are googled that his name will come up- being he’s so proud of his work.

Does it really matter

Wow, it amazes me when people complain about anything that try's to prevent you or anyone before they are injured. If no one wants to be handed out tickets for jaywalking lets hand out lolly pops and high fives then. Maybe at that point people will stop walking out in front of traffic and getting hit by a 4000lbs truck or car. Wait a second, maybe you would feel different about jaywalking laws and speeding laws if you were affected by it...kinda of like when your laying in a hospital bed then.

For reals if you keep complaining that cops use this law to target you then your no better then the cop who is targeting you or putting you into a category. Own up to your responsibility and set the example for others in your everyday life.

But dude, you got a $94 ticket for jaywalking. Did you get the ticket before or after you jaywalked?

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