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Maybe the role of the Moyer block should be to house whatever dog-and-pony show the denizens of downtown want to cobble together, and leave Pioneer Square as an open square.

The Moyer block could be paved with functional concrete, have built-in tent-pole sockets, have built-in electrical (even plumbing?) connections. In short, set it up to to meet the needs of these tent shows. Heck, they could even put the ice equipment into the concrete if they are serious about ice skating in the winter.

We'd have two public spaces, just a block apart. The Moyer block designed for planned events and Pioneer Square designed for spontaneous events. And on occasion, like New Year's, you could have the planned event at the Moyer block spill over to Pioneer Square.

Chris Smith

We have another public space not far away, O'Bryant Square, which is badly in need of some programming to activate it. O'Bryant went down hill (and into the hands of the drug market) when Pioneer Courthouse Square opened. It will be redeveloped in conjunction with Block 5 (Moyer), so we should look at programming for both of those.

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