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Mike Thelin

I like the Beam idea for the "artist incubator," but I'm not sure affordable housing for artists isn't something Portland doesn't already have. I for one moved here from San Francisco because of Portland's status as a creative city that happens to have an abundance of cheap rent. That was only three years ago.

My first apartment in Portland was one-third of my former rent in SF, and rents here are much less than Seattle. And due to the house-buying boom, vacancy rates are high and rents haven't really risen in several years. I'm all for affordable housing, but if public funds are being used, I can think of other demographics that are far more in need--such as those folks along Mississippi and Alberta that have been displaced by we creative folk.

N. S.

What needs to happen with this "creative class" is a pooling of time, talent and resources to create the kind of space you describe.
The City of Portland has tremendous challenges to meet the current "no net loss" (of current affordable units) set by the City Council. There is not going to be adequate resources to provide "artist" housing.
Why doesn't this "creative class" get together and design and build the project they desire? It seems to me that 4-5 moderately employeed people could pool resources and either buy an old house in which to live or they could design and build a new project.

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