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Mike Thelin

Yet another example that Portland's best architecture is not on display in Portland. I really want to see this firm succeed. On a similar note, why doesn't Allied do more work in PDX? They're one of the most celebrated firms in the country right now, and haven't built anything substantial here in years. It seems like the PDC and big private sector Porltand developers are wedded to firms that exhibit mediocre designs. I won't mention names.

Brian Libby

Mike, I couldn't agree more. I would LOVE to see Allied get more work here, especially from the big developers (Hoyt Street, Williams & Dame, Gerding/Edlen, Opus, Shiels Obletz Johnsen). And the same goes not only for Colab, but Emmons Architects, Rick Potestio, Skylab, Architecture W, and several other talented local shops. I know building owners/developers have a business to think about, but economically viable building projects and talented design firms (as opposed to service firms--they know who they are) need not be mutually exclusive. And if experience is an issue, have a smaller, talented design firm partner with a big service firm. We can do better!

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