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Mike Thelin

I thought the new streetcar route was planned to travel north/south through the Central Eastside. I haven't heard anything about a line along East Burnside--although I think it's a good idea. Is this a new thing?

Chris Smith

Mike is right, the 'preferred alignment' from the neighborhood steering committee goes over the Broadway Bridge, through the Lloyd on 7th and Grand, and then through the Central Eastside on MLK and Grand. While it will pass the Burnside Bridgehead project, it will not be on Burnside itself.

I chair the Citizen's Advisory Committee for Portland Streetcar and would be very interested in thoughts on what the best opportunities for branch lines are once we complete the 'Ringstrasse' around the central city.

I would point out another key feature of the House version of the transportation bill. It contains language authorizing a 'small starts' transit category that allows consideration of land use benefits as well as the traditional passenger movement metrics when rating projects competitively.

And finally, I'll mention that Lake Oswego is looking seriously at a Streetcar connection to Portland on the old Willamette Shoreline right-of-way.

Chris Smith

dan stiles

The east side street car is an attempt to connect the east side warehouse district with downtown in order to create another Pearl District. It doesn't really do much to service the residents of the already existing neighborhoods of the east side. It is an attempt create a new ultra high end loft neighborhood to make developers some money. The rest of us who already live here just get the bus.

What we really need, rather than giving street car service to non existant loft residents, is, as stated above "additional lines along such major arterials as Hawthorne Boulevard, Fremont Street, Portland Boulevard, Powell Boulevard, 39th Avenue, Martin Luther King Boulevard, and 12th Avenue." We should start with an E. Burnside street car from downtown to Gresham. 10,000 to 18,000 cars a day use Burnside. It would be great to bring that number down. Next they should run a line along 39th. Then another up Powell, and Hawthorne, and division. Thats what the residents of the east side need, not a tourist line through a new outdoor shopping mall.

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