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Mike Thelin

I totally agree. There is no shortage of parks in Portland--we have wonderful parks downtown. If neighborhood groups would have had it their way, South Waterfront would have been a park too. What we lack is population density in our downtown core.

Dennis Coalwell

When this park was lst envisioned I suggested they make it in a downtown flora conservatory. Maybe something on the lines of the new Boston conservatory downtown. Plus, the city could charge a small admission to help fund the upkeep. Maybe even have a large canary/songbird enclosed habitat included in the project.

John Holmes

Finally someone states the obvious. A park on that block is absolutely the wrong thing. I'll just add that the narrowness of Park gives it a special intimate quality which is rare in portland.
It could be fantastic boutique retail with housing above....

Thinking Above the Box

Is there any reason why the block couldn't do triple or quadruple duty? Parking underground, street-level retail, a few floors of office or housing space, topped with a public space on the roof? Maybe make it a playground for children, since the limited access would make it easy for parents to relax on benches on the perimeter, while the kids can run free.

Rooftops are an under-appreciated asset.

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