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Kate Powell

Yes, oh yes. Excellent Brian.

Fred Leeson

Nobody likes the thought of a man-caused fire. Yet fire historically is one way that forests renew themselves, both for new trees and for wildlife habitat. Yes, it takes time...but signs of renewal will be remarkably quick. We need to trust nature. The gorge will be OK. I, too, am pleased that the Multnomah Falls lodge was saved. Nature will heal the rest.

Brian Libby

I completely get it that forests heal and that often a fire is good for a forest. But I just didn't want to drive down the Gorge highway and see an absence of trees and foliage. I didn't want to see a charred landscape, even if it WAS a healthy and natural part of the life cycle of a forest. But so far it seems like that area between Crown Point and Multnomah Falls is burned but not a wasteland — that it's still largely green. I'll take that.

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